KDV was formed to be the commercial arm of the Kweneng District Council. The Government of Botswana requires District Councils to generate funds for their development needs. Subventions from central government to the District Councils for development purposes are gradually being reduced due to budgetary constraints.  As the move towards greater autonomy for local government gains momentum, the need for District Councils to generate their own funds becomes even more pressing. The new Local authorities Act of 2012 has allowed District Councils to form private companies.

Kweneng District Council owns 100% of KDV.  The council represents the people of Kweneng District.      
The Kweneng District Council is therefore fulfilling its social contract with the people of the district by sharing the benefits of the returns of KDV investments with the larger community rather than just a few individuals.

The Directors of KDV are appointed after a public notice in the press  is floated inviting   applications to serve on the board of directors. The appointments are then made in a transparent manner by competent authorities.